I heard that Mr L Said a thing I am not at all contented with - Says he 'O, he is quite the little Poet' now this is abominable - you might as well say Buonaparte is quite the little Soldier - You see what it is to be under six foot and not a lord - '  John Keats in a letter to his brother George, February 1819


portrait of Keats by Severn, 1819

16 April 2013

So I realized that I had not updated this site for three years! Three years. What a bum. There's really no excuse.

There are a lot of things I want to add to the site. New portraits and manuscripts and more letters and critical opinion, etc

Bear with me as I get back to work - sporadically, no doubt, but with good intentions. I appreciate all the kind comments I've received over the years and definitely email if you have ideas for additions, etc