Tudor England Secondary Sources

ES Beesly, Queen Elizabeth (1892)

JA Froude, The Divorce of Catherine of Aragon: The Story as Told by the Imperial Ambassadors Resident at the Court of Henry VIII (1891)




Prospects of a disputed succession to the crown — Various claimants -Catherine incapable of having further children — Irregularity of her marriage with the King — Papal dispensations — First mention of the divorce — Situation of the Papacy — Charles V. — Policy of Wolsey — Anglo-French alliance — Imperial troops in Italy — Appeal of the Pope — Mission of Inigo de Mendoza — The Bishop of Tarbes -Legitimacy of the Princess Mary called in question — Secret meeting of the Legates’ court — Alarms of Catherine — Sack of Rome by the Duke of Bourbon — Proposed reform of the Papacy — The divorce promoted by Wolsey — Unpopular in England — Attempts of the Emperor to gain Wolsey.


Mission of Wolsey to Paris — Visits Bishop Fisher on the way — Anxieties of the Emperor — Letter of the Emperor to Henry VIII. -Large offers to Wolsey — Address of the French Cardinals to the Pope — Anne Boleyn chosen by Henry to succeed Catherine — Surprise and displeasure of Wolsey — Fresh attempts of the Emperor to bribe him — Wolsey forced to continue to advocate the divorce -Mission of Dr. Knight to Rome — The Pope at Orvieto — The King applies for a dispensation to make a second marriage — Language of the dispensation demanded — Inferences drawn from it — Alleged intrigue between the King and Mary Boleyn.


Anxiety of the Pope to satisfy the King — Fears of the Emperor -Proposed alternatives — France and England declare war in the Pope’s defence — Campeggio to be sent to England — The King’s account of the Pope’s conduct — The Pope’s distress and alarm -The secret decretal — Instructions to Campeggio.


Anne Boleyn — Letters to her from the King — The Convent at Wilton — The Divorce — The Pope’s promises — Arrival of Campeggio in England — Reception at the Bridewell Palace — Proposal to Catherine to take the veil — Her refusal — Uncertainty of the succession — A singular expedient — Alarms of Wolsey — The true issue -Speech of the King in the City — Threats of the Emperor — Defects in the Bull of Pope Julius — Alleged discovery of a brief supplying them — Distress of Clement.

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