Scottish Genealogy
for now, this page only concerns James II through Mary queen of Scots

James Stuart; later titled James III, king of Scotland
son of King James II and Queen Joan of Scotland
born 10 July 1451 at Stirling
coronation 10 August 1460 at Kelso Abbey, Roxburghshire
married 13 July 1469 to Margaret Oldenburg, called Margaret of Denmark
    three children
James, later James IV of Scotland, king of Scotland, born 17 March 1473
James, duke of Ross, born March 1476
John, earl of Mar, born December 1479
died 11 June 1488 at Milltown, Bannockburn
buried at Cambuskenneth Abbey, Stirlingshire
  (As you can see, James IV was a procreative guy!  Here are two more interesting facts about him:  Margaret Tudor, his wife, petitioned for divorce in 1514, arguing that James had survived the Battle of Flodden and was living in the Holy Land.  In reality, his corpse was kept in a lumber room at Richmond Palace, home of his brother-in-law Henry VIII.)
  (As you can see, James V, much like his father, was fond of the ladies.  When Mary queen of Scots returned to Scotland, most of her troubles began with her various half-siblings.  These various royal bastards caused most of Scotland's notorious political instability.  Think of poor Henry VIII - he could barely manage two sons!)
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