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A History of The Byron Controversy, From Its Beginning in 1816 to the Present Time.
By Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Originally published in Boston by Fields, Osgood, & Co., 1870.


Part One
posted 4 March 2004

Chapter I. Introduction

Chapter II. The Attack on Lady Byron

Chapter III. Rsum of the Conspiracy

Chapter IV. Results After Lord Byron's Death

Chapter V. The Attack on Lady Byron's Grave


Part Two
posted 28 April 2004

Chapter I. Lady Byron as I Knew Her

Chapter II. Lady Byron's Story as Told Me

Chapter III. Chronological Summary of Events

Chapter IV. The Character of the Two Witnesses Compared

Chapter V. The Direct Argument to Prove the Crime

Chapter VI. Physiological Argument

Chapter VII. How Could She Love Him?

Chapter VIII. Conclusion


Part Three

The True Story of Lady Byron's Life (as originally published in The Atlantic Monthly)

Lord Lindsay's Letter to 'The London Times'

Dr Forbes Winslow's Letter to 'The London Times'

Extract from Lord Byron's Expunged Letter to Murray

Extracts from Blackwood's Magazine

Letters of Lady Byron to HC Robinson

Domestic Poems by Lord Byron


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